-The table of the standard number of ichimoku kinko hyo-


Does eurusd make head and shoulder ?

Hello,today I will analyze a eurusd daily chart with ichimoku-kinko-hyo from japan.

please take a look this chart.

[Eurusd daily chart with ichimoku kinko hyo]

080926eurusd daily chart with ichimoku-clouds

You can find very important time cycle with ichimoku theory as a 25days-27days(yellow color number).

The nearest standard number is 26days.

This cycle as 26days is standard number and important time cycle of ichimoku kinko theory.

So,I think new cycle as 26days bigining from this week.

And,this chart pattern like a head and shoulder as red color lines.

This chart pattern Japanese name is "Sanzon".

If this cycle of the left side shoulder to right side shoulder is 26days that target day is Sep,30th.

It is the day you should attention.

And next,

You can find cyan color number that 78days and 76days,and magenta color number that 87days.

These same number are called "Equal number" with ichimoku kinko theoly.

When I think the equal number that cyan color,it seems that a new time cycle bigins.

The magenta color equal number as big cycle are very important.

Because it connects just top&top or bottom&top.

It target is Oct,13th or Nov,12th.

By the way Oct,13th is a very near date when I explained target day of usdjpy yesterday.

It is the day when you should remember it in the future.

Thank you reading my poor english.

I write blog to study English.

I will write good sentense sometime.

See you next time.

from Japan.

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usdjpy weekly chart with ichimoku cloud

Today I will analyze usdjpy chart using ichimoku-cloud.

This is usdjpy weekly chart with ichimoku kinko hyo.

usdjpyweekly chart with ichimoku kinko hyo

a yellow lines are middle cycles and cyan lines are small cycles.

you can find a cycle of number writing with red pen.

22weeks and 22weeks.

16weeks and 18weeks.

23weeks and 22weeks.

I think the new cycle is starting now.

And it will be accompanied with a "Head & Shoulder" for this new cycle.

now please take a look of cyan line.

this cycle is 9 or 10 weeks.

The left shoulder of top and top is 9 weeks.

I expect the right shoulder cycle is 9 weeks.

Target price is 108 middle yen.

I think this zone of 108 middle is strong resistance.

And a market price is in a ichimoku-cloud.

A market price is between kijun-sen of red line to tenkan-sen of cyan line.

This two line of ichimoku-cloud are support line and resistance line.

The market will be struggle between 105 high yen to 108 middle yen in ichimoku-cloud.

Most attention day is October 16th.

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